untitled (tattoo sculpture)

This sculpture was based on my clients tatoo. At the very end I realised it can be viewed as a heart however the focus is the vibrant ghanaian blue fabric against the natural wood color. This is my first smaller sculpture, I believe more to come!
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Drip Series

These pieces were inspired by my life in Ghana as an artist. The rich fabric you will find in the country is something that I have grown up and for the first time living in Ghana I got to see the origins. This piece symbolizes a number of things but mostly the merging of two ideas is what I was interested in.These sculptures are available for purchase. send me a message.
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This piece was my first experience with wood art. I find that with digital art I do not have an opportunity for someone to actually display my work, so I thought to explore with wall art. My focus here has been on abstract shapes and negative space. I love that through this there is a good amount of room for interpretation. This piece is now in a home in Sarasota, Florida.
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